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Adventure Home (RV)

Adventure Home (RV)

After a bit of research and number crunching, we decided to buy a RV. We had considered several types and been to multiple dealers to check out the options.

RV Types we considered
  • Class A – Motorhome
  • Class B – Campervan
  • Class C – Van based
  • Travel Trailer (bumper pull)
  • Fifth Wheel
  • All the RV types

We decided on a fifth wheel (fiver) and began our search. We looked all over the nation via RVtrader and craigslist. We ended up buying ours at Camping World in St. George, UT November of 2016.

Montana High Country (293RK)

We had ours delivered to a local RV Park called St. George RV Park. There was a lot to learn at first about how everything works and what we needed.


Dirt Bike Day!

Dirt Bike Day!

Doni was working so I needed something great to do. I started with laundry early in the morning and thought about heading to the movies. I am so glad I decided to go outside!

I drove over to Hurricane, UT and parked at Southern Utah Adventure Center. They walked me through the process and sent me on my way with a helmet and goggles! The bike was a beautiful Yamaha WR450F. They walked me through a map and how to get to the Warner Valley. I cruised on a few backroads in Hurricane until the pavement met the dirt!

I started getting accustomed to the bike with a few wheelies and side trails! The smile on my face was giant.

Here are a few pics:



The Start – October 2016

The Start – October 2016

The start is often the hardest part! The actual adventure started on October 4, 2016. We left Dallas, TX in a 2013 GTI headed for St. George, UT. We broke the trip into a few stops since we had not traveled that far with our dog Cane.


The image shows our path from Dallas > Amarillo > ABQ > Flagstaff > St. George.

Amarillo, TX

Our first stop was in Amarillo for a rest. Both Doni and Cane were tired after all the excitement.

Albuquerque, NM

The next stop was Albuquerque, NM. We found a cool brewery with a patio to relax on with Cane.

Flagstaff, AZ

The next day we headed toward Flagstaff, AZ. It was a beautiful approach as we watched the landscape and flora change. We needed more than a day to fully explore this town. We did make time for a brewery named Dark Sky Brewing and a Diablo burger!

On the way to St. George, we took the long way and stopped by the Grand Canyon. Cane needed to see into the canyon and take a walk. Dogs are allowed on the top edge trails.

Grand Canyon

St. George, UT

We ended up in St. George, Utah! We rented our first place from Superior Properties via a Craigslist ad. They were super professional, but the place was very empty! We slept on an air mattress for months and used lawn furniture in the living room! ha! It is all part of the adventure. 😉