Travel Nursing Adventures

About Us

What is this all about!?

Doni and I are on a “Travel Nurse” adventure. We will share tips and tricks on getting there along with destination-specific information.

Why Travel?

We believe (along with many others) that travel changes you forever. It gives you perspective that can only be found seeing different locations, people and experiences.

Travel Nursing Stories + Tips

Adventure Home (RV)

After a bit of research and number crunching, we decided to buy a RV. We had considered several types and been to multiple dealers to check out the options. RV Types we considered Class A - Motorhome Class B - Campervan Class C - Van based Travel Trailer...

Dirt Bike Day!

Doni was working so I needed something great to do. I started with laundry early in the morning and thought about heading to the movies. I am so glad I decided to go outside! I drove over to Hurricane, UT and parked at Southern Utah Adventure Center. They...

The Start – October 2016

The start is often the hardest part! The actual adventure started on October 4, 2016. We left Dallas, TX in a 2013 GTI headed for St. George, UT. We broke the trip into a few stops since we had not traveled that far with our dog Cane. Route The image shows our path...